Featured Students


Sanaa takes Fashion Sewing at Creative Career Academy. She is very bright, fun to teach, and enthusiastic about learning!

Devin - 14

Video Game Designer and 2D Animator

Devin says . . ."I like classes at Creative Career Academy because I feel like it is preparing me for what I want to be in the future. There are a lot of things to learn. CCA is just a very fun place in general. I would recommend anyone who is creative and or loves art to come here."

Alexander - Age 18

3D Animator and Video Game Designer

Alexander says . . . "I am about to graduate from high school and will be going to an art college and major in animation. I have made many animated short films and have really learned how to use the software-Maya. [Creative Career Academy] has prepared me well for my future career.”

Testimony Video

Gavin  -  Age 21

Gavin started taking classes when he was 13 years old. Gavin is now 21 and has graduated from Full Sail University with an B.S. in Game Art. 

 Gavin says . . . "Ms. Jessica [at Creative Career Academy"] is very approachable, often making She is always willing to offer constructive criticism, and she is always there to help when sticky situations arise. She will look at a students work at any time given she is not helping someone else already. Between her positive attitude, expertise in most areas of the pipeline and superb and detailed teaching ability"

Studied Video Game Design and Animation at Creative Career Academy.

Blake  Age - 13

Blakes mom say's . . .
"Blake loves coming to computer class. Jessica is an amazing and patient teacher . Blake has autism and she is always positive and truly is as excited about his successes as we are. He has thrived and learned so much under her instruction at career academy. Kimberly Lisa "

Calvin age 14 

Calvin Takes 2D Animation classes online.

CCA asked "What do you see yourself going to college for in the future?"
He said, "I love science and I love art, so hoping my progress could be eventually made into something with those two factors mixed together".

Miles B.

Miles Takes 2D Game Design, 3D Modeling Game Design, and  classes online. He has taken classes for 3 years at Creative Career Academy and is looking to major in Video Game Design Programming when he starts college in a few years.

 Daniel - Age 12

He takes Video Game Design at Creative Career Academy.


She says..."I feel that the lessons here are beneficial for building skills for my future.When I grow  up I want to be a 2D Animator."